Robberies on the rise in recent weeks in Rivas

Por: Steven Estrada Fuentes


The friends of others have done theirs in recent weeks in the city of Mangoes, most of them travel by motorcycle, at the time of committing crimes to flee quickly, a mode of operation already known in the department from southern Nicaragua.

On May 3, 36-year-old Cira Guevara Guadamuz from Rivera was the victim of a robbery by two motorists when they took her cell phone valued at 250 dollars, she reported to Intertextual.nnThe criminals did not expect to be recorded by a surveillance camera of commercial premises in the center of the city of Rivas, which made it easier for the Rivenses authorities to identify the criminals.

After the event, Guevara filed a formal complaint with the Rivas Department Police, despite carrying the evidence from the security cameras, he assured them that he had not received support from the police authorities.nnShe assures that the police officers only treated her in a contemptuous manner because of the value of the stolen equipment, “how much did the phone cost, I told them that it was 250 dollars, and they told me that it was only eight thousand pesos, luckily they did not do anything to it, but bring the recording on a burned disc,” said the affected.nnWhat caused annoyance in the offended and decided to spread the images through social networks, trying to pressure the capture of the criminals, being positive even when the criminals were identified in less than 24 hours.nnOne is currently in prison in the preventive cells of Rivas, identified as Jary Javier Guzmán, 22, who originally came from the Popoyuapa neighborhood, while the motorcycle driver Stanli Bustos, 28, has not yet found his whereabouts, authorities have assured.


The latter worked as an operator in the Gildan free zone of this same city, assured the affected person, after the investigation that she herself carried out.nnOn the morning of this Thursday, May 12, the Rivas police presented on social networks and in official media, the accused Jary, and 4 other alleged criminals, for the crime of robbery with force, the same ones who would be presented to the Public Ministry to continue with the process.

Cases like Guevara’s have been denounced on social networks, of robberies even during daylight hours, home robberies, and bystanders in the busiest areas of the department of Rivas, for which the population calls on the authorities to pay attention to these facts and secure the streets in the department and its municipalities.nnThe municipalities in the department that report the most robberies so far in 2022 are Rivas Centro, San Juan del Sur, and San Jorge, these data from official reports, according to Nicaraguan legislation, the crime of robbery is penalized for between 4 to 7 years if it is with violence and from 3 to 6 if it is only a robbery with force.

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