A night of terror: The hunt down of political opposition in the eve of the Nicaragua election

“The increase in the number of incidents and the level of violence against political prisoners, independent journalists and political opponents has been the trademark in these days,” according to the Blue and White Monitoring.

On the evening of Saturday, 6 November 2021, civil society organizations reported the arrest of 11 citizens in different cities around the country. Among them, Esterlin Soriano González, council person for the Constitutionalist Liberal Party in the Cinco Pinos municipality, department of Chinandega.

Mr. Soriano was arrested at 07:00 PM by police officers. “They broke into our home without a warrant”, said a relative of the detainee.


Mr. Yaser Muhamar was arrested in Managua during the morning hours, his mother and brother confirmed. According to family members this young man was driven to a local police station after police officers told him they suspected “a possible attempt against peace.” His relatives demand his immediate release and that the National Police respects his physical integrity.

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy reported the arrest of Nidia Barbosa in Nindirí, department of Masaya.


This civil organization said that «harassment, surveillance, threat, intimidation, harassment, physical attacks, and the arbitrary arrests of their municipal and departmental leaders persist in Morrito and San Miguel (eastern border of Lake Nicaragua), Masaya (Midsection of the country), Corinto (West of Nicaragua) and Ocotal» (near the Honduran border).

According to a report from the Blue and White Monitoring network, between Friday 5 November, and Saturday 6 November, the Nicaraguan Police harassed 11 citizens, raided 6 houses, and arrested 11 political opponents of President Daniel Ortega.


This civil organization pointed out «that in these days the increase in the number of incidents, and the level of violence against political prisoners, independent journalists and people identified as opponents has been the tone.»


According to their follow up, the government of Daniel Ortega has «focused repression to reinforce the de facto state of siege, and to suffocate any protest or calls to not vote on November 7.”

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