Opposition in Venezuela and Nicaragua join forces against dictatorships in both countries


On May 10, different sectors of the Nicaraguan opposition met with Leopoldo López, Venezuelan opposition leader, trying to join forces to fight against the dictatorships of both countries.nnThe organizations that signed the statement, both within Nicaragua and in exile, and others that omit their names for security reasons in the face of “threats” from the Ortega Murillo government, explain that the meeting with Leopoldo López was held with the aim of “exchanging experiences and generating ties. in the fight against the autocracies that hold power in both countries.”nIn the country of Venezuela, airs of freedom and expectations arose when Leopoldo López was released by military opponents of Nicolas Maduro and civilians led by the opposition considered president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó.nnLópez, in September 2015, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for alleged crimes related to an opposition march on February 12, 2014, that left three people murdered.

In 2017, he was under house arrest, after having spent three years in the Ramo Verde military prison. The year 2000 began his career in politics, being mayor of Chacao; In 2008, the government of Hugo Chávez prohibited him from holding public office, accusing them of “paying the expenses of the municipality with an incorrect budget item” and also of “leading a coup against Chávez.”nnDuring his incarceration, he went on a hunger strike and his family called for his immediate release from the international media until “Operation Libertad” was carried out.nnOpposition groups from Nicaragua and López spoke about their experiences of the struggle for democracy in their countries. “Both opposing forces face similar challenges and face dictatorships that have been allies for several years.”

Leopoldo compared the three dictatorships of Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba and pointed out that the three “follow a pattern and should not be seen as a particular problem of a single country.” The Venezuelan added that the lack of unity of the democratic sectors in the countries is exacerbated by “repression and imprisonment, in addition, that the dictatorships use all the tools at their disposal to maintain that division as part of their strategy.”nLópez concluded by saying that in Venezuela the resistance continues until absolute freedom “we strive to link all democratic sectors”nThe Nicaraguan opposition participating in the meeting decided to “collaborate with the necessary efforts to forge joint strategies with the democratic opposition of Venezuela and Cuba to confront and get out of the dictatorships.”

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