Socialists call Ortega a «capitalist dictatorship» and blame businessmen for power ORMU

This February 15, the organization Alternative Anticapitalista / Nicaragua – International Socialist League, spoke out against the Sandinista government led by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.nn“More than 40 years ago, Nicaragua made world news for a huge popular revolution that swept away the sinister pro-Yankee dictatorship headed by Anastasio Somoza. Today, it is back on the agenda, due to the repressive escalation of the capitalist-Stalinist dictatorship of Ortega-Murillo”, announces the International Socialist League.

The trials that have been scheduled where more than 30 political prisoners have been sentenced since February 1 of this year “are a farce,” says the organization. The accused are innocent and this is part of the repression that the Ortega government wants to impose, he emphasizes “The crime of all of them was to be part of the April 2018 rebellion against a brutal package of adjustment measures dictated by the IMF or criticize the abuses of the entrenched capitalist and repressive government in Nicaragua.”


For the International Socialist League, the situation in Nicaragua is worrying at all levels, “with dozens of political prisoners, without such basic freedoms for the people as the right to assemble, protest, press, and opinion, it is so serious that, combined with the social and economic crisis and the poverty of the majority of its people, they constitute a desperate panorama, “he affirms.


You can read the statement here:

False opposition


The International Socialist League, founded in Barcelona in May 2019, points out the existence of a false opposition in Nicaragua, made up of businessmen, who encourage the resistance of the opposition with international calls. “They ask for the intervention of the US, the OAS and other variants that have nothing to offer the Nicaraguan people, this is the same one that promoted the “false dialogue” in April 2018 and proposes to resume dialogue, with the sole objective of not affecting business”, warns the socialist organization.


The “civic and institutional” strategy of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (made up of representatives of the economic power, in line with the international community and the clergy) saved the existence of Ortega from 2018 to today,” says this organization. newly founded in 2019.


The mistakes, in a dialogue that did not reach the end of the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua, only concluded with atomizing the best of standing activism. Over time, groups such as the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) and the National Coalition (CN) emerged (the result of the confluence between the ACJD, the UNAB, and other expressions, the statement points out.

All these groups assure The International Socialist League “continued the task of usurping the leading role in April. The leadership of these organizations excluded from their agendas the genuine demands of the working majority, of the youth, of the direct victims of state terrorism and subordinated them to the agendas of Big Capital and the international community”.



This socialist organization assures that the government of Ortega and Murillo “blatantly usurps the flags of the left and socialism” and they add “they represent the opposite of the causes for which the true socialists and revolutionaries of the world fight.”

They propose to create an International Commission for the Freedom of All Political Prisoners in Nicaragua and verify their health. They call on all workers, students, and popular organizations to empower themselves in the urgent cause for Nicaragua, as well as promote actions at embassies and consulates. All with the aim of preparing conferences that would make the four years of the April 2018 rebellion internationally visible.


For this union of people, “in April the route was marked”. They argue that the working population, the youth in a self-convened and mobilized way without bosses or opportunists “managed to destabilize the regime.” Considering the above, they assert “only such organized massiveness will uproot it. Hence the importance of resuming any effort to build ties that strengthen all the organizational efforts that are being developed and promote new ones.


To face what is coming, we call to build organizations of the working population, youth, women, and dissidence”, they reiterate in their call.

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